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The Spanish Event


·   Event Venues, How to arrive & Hotels



Activities of the Spanish Event

·   The Activities. Quick guide

·   “Thanks Giving Dinner 

·   Champagne & Music

·   Concerts

·   Worldwide Choreo´s Show

·   Night Moves. Team Show.


·   Honky Tonk Contests

o    Dances

o    Registration Honky Tonk

o    Rules


·   European Cup of the Line Dance Association

o    Dances

o    Registration EUC

o    Rules


·   Contest Americana Dancing Trophy (West Coast Swing)

o    Guiding Choreographies

o    Registration WCS

o    Rules


·   Techclinic of the Spanish

·   Open Dancing

·   Farewell Party, Gala Dinner and the “Last Dance Party”

·   Ceremony of the LDA Awards

·   Spanish Westies Rendez-Vous


Prices, Bookings and Bookings payment

·   Prices

·   Pre-Booking Form & Payment

·   Event Transfers




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·   Newsletters

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Tentative Schedule   




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Americana Dancing Festival



Barcelona Dance Classic




All Western


Madrid Line Dance National




Cati Torrella



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Office & Shop Timetable

From Tuesday to Friday    10,00h to 14,00h and from 16,00 to 21,00h

Workshops Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (Check)

Saloon Timetable

Saturday from 18,00 to 11,00h

Sunday from 18,00h to 21,00h


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The  Activities. Quick Guide

Keep on visiting this site for the latest news about the activities described here in


·          Thanks Giving Dinner (Thursday) & Concert

·          Welcome Party “Champagne & Music” .

·          The Concerts of the Spanish Event.

·          Worldwide Choreo´s Show. Friday, Saturday and Sunday

·          1er European Cup of  the Line Dance Association

·          Honky Tonk Contests:  Social or Fun Contests

·          Americana Dancing Trophy. Contest  West Coast Swing (Couples)

·          Technique lessons "Techclinic" for all levels with national and International Instructors

·          “Open dancing” the whole weekend and “fun” social contests

·          Teams Dance Shows”.

·          Spanish Westies Rendez-vous. Lessons and Open dancing for the fans of West Coast Swing

·          Tush Push Contest. A fun contest to fire your spirit!

·          Gala Dinner & Ceremony of the 14th Line Dance Association Awards – Hall of Fame (Sunday night)

·          Sunday´s night Last Dance party. For all those leaving on Monday morning.














On Friday night we will begin with the Cava after the dinner in the hotel and after having gathered the passes, and remaining documentation of the event in the table of registrations and passes.

At 22,00h. it will start the music concert that will put the rhythm to the night .

 After this memorable performance, the deejays will continue until 12 p.m. supporting the dance atmosphere of the  " Music and Cava ".





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The Spanish Event is a dance event that has always been committed to music. As we like to say: The dancing needs music, the music needs to musicians, dancers therefore need to musicians.


Let's show our support for them, giving them the opportunity to publicly express the love we share: music.







A new not competitive initiative to facilitate that  25 choreographers of Europe, USA, Canada and Australia to be known,  and their dances by the line dancers. With the "Worldwide Choreo's Show" it begins a six months period in which these dances can be better known and thus the public can vote with major knowledge for the best in the Line Dance Association Awards – Hall of Fame. The choreographers will have their own area in the zone " Choreo's Show where you will have their step descriptions, flyers, etc … Every choreographer will have their posters placed in the zone of the Choreo's Show.

The choreographer will teach his/her dance in the zone of workshops.

The songs will be played in the “Dance floors”


The Group Leaders will have a complete dossier with " specific Material " to be able to teach these dances after this event


Choreographers show yourselves,  your public is wishing it!



Founded 2000 in Barcelona


1st European Cup of the Line Dance Association:


The categories are:

·          Newcomer/Novice

·          Intermediate/Advanced

·          Teams Country

·          Teams Showtime





Honky Tonk Contests of the Line Dance Association:


Categories offered:

·          Honky Tonk Line Dance

·          Groups ProAline

·          Country Couples

·          Country Choreography, FreeStyle Choreography, ABC Choreography and Catalan style Choreography.



A Contest for social dance Line Dancers who want to go a step further, sharing with club members the experience of  a fun contest and that creates group consciousness.




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West Coast Swing is gaining adherents. We offer three categories to present to the West Coast Swing contest: Category C for those who start dancing couple, Category B for those who already have some couple dance experience, and category A for those of experience in dance competitions and for the dance teachers.

For schools or clubs, we also offer the category "ProAWesties" where the teacher is on the dance floor with their students, and dance one of the  couples choreography that we offer.



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The "Night Moves" is the magical evening. It is the Dance Show which welcomes those who want to surprise us with their extraordinary ability.

The Teams are a difficult specialty with hard work of many people involved, so the invited team will thrill you.


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"Techclinic", the technique lessons for all, has been a hit since 2010. These lessons are inspired by the Line Dance Association event of the same name organized in the month of February and August, and it makes available to all linedancers the knowledge of the best international professionals.
Although it seems that it is not possible in technique lessons, the Techclinic workshops are vibrant and passionate.
And because while learning, you are discovering that it is not necessary to be a lover of the competition to improve your dancing and your health. You are going to discover that improving the technique that does not mean learning to move like a windmill. It means helping you to move more agile, safer and with less chance of injury.

And there appears the great wisdom of a professional that is teaching you in a way that helps you learn without an effort. And if they make you laugh, ... they get that you love still more the linedancing. This is the secret of Techclinic.




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The open dancing is enhanced again with the use of two rooms for most of the day. In one ballroom we will play linedance of all styles” and in the other ballroom we will play “great  country linedance classics”.
Dj's be assigned to each room so you can dance as much as you want.
In the room "Linedance all styles" deejays use the list of "your favorite dances. " Like every year, and during the booking process, we will ask the head of each group the list list of the 40 favorite dances of the group. This will draw up a list of dances for the deejays and to prepare computers. To have an idea, the deejays list of last year was over 200 dances. Each Deejay was marking the songs he played during his session, etc ...
In the Room "Great Classics" the Deejay will also have a list but you can also ask specific dances by providing the song if we do not have it (mp3 on a USB





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Tush Push Contest!


You have been dancing since day one!. Aren´t you tired?. Do you need to sweep whatever trace of this year´s stress?. Then the Tush Push contest is your kingdom!.


The reward for the winners of every age male and female: The Pack of two nights in the next Spanish Event  for free! .


No need to register. Just be there and go on the dance floor. Nobody will see the judges, … they can be on your side. You will know the results because somebody will help you rise your hand!.


Three prizes. We are looking for:  “The craziest dancer of the Spanish Event”, the “Best cowboy or cowgirl costume” and … “The more exagerated costume”. It can be you!




All Western Hall
The workshops of Country linedance choreographers and of "Catalan style",  choreographers will take place there
Open dance to country music will take place there throughout the day

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Spanish Westies Rendez-vous

All activities will be held in the Olympic Resort (Imperial Park). The classes of West Coast Swing and of “Westies Linedance” will take place there
Open dance to West Coast Swing music will take place there throughout the day

All attendees that have any of the “Packs of the Spanish Event”, they have the entrance to the Spanish Westies Rendez-vous included there. There are not tickets sold at the entrance.

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Line Dance Association Awards - Hall of Fame

The 15th edition of the Line Dance Association Awards "Hall of Fame", are delivered during the Gala Dinner on Sunday in the Spanish Event.

These Awards have two divisions: the International and the National, and for each of them there are the following categories: Country Choreography, Line Dance Choreography, Choreographer, Instructor and Americana Music Artist.





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