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Deejay Kombat is back!

The most famous deejays of linedance will try to atract you again with their proposals











The Deejay Kombat was another idea to provide the  linedancers  with different views of your favorite hobby.

The three judges
will be c horeographers

Three dances  to reach the heaven!


Huge quality reactions we will see on the stage this year. You are all invited to attend, dance and show your support!


The dances will be all great choreographies well known and danced, of our great choreographer Jo Thompson. Participating deejays must find alternative songs for:


·         Jukebox

·         Eyes for you

·         Come Dance with me


The news are that we return to the format of the first Deejay Kombat, and that the registration of deejays is not by invitation but it is open to all deejays interested.



• The Deejays should change the song suggested by the choreographer of the three dances

• Songs used in previous years will not be allowed (even if it is a different version). The organization will advise you to change a song if it happens.

• You must maintain the “motion” or “style” of the song, in relation to that suggested by the choreographer.

• If it is a country song, you must find an alternative country song, and not a non-country song; and viceversa. A song is considered country if the artist is considered country by one of the country music organizations.

• Songs of other choreographies, which are already well known, cannot be used

• The deejays should not advertise the chosen songs, nor use them at parties until after they have been used in the Deejay Kombat.

• You must send it to us as soon as you find these alternative songs, because in the case that two of you choose the same song, the first one received will be the valid one. The second will have to find another song. You will also be asked to change the song if any of these rules is violated.

• All songs must be sent no later than October 1st .

• The selected deejays will be placed on stage with their computers to play the songs.

• Each of the deejays will play the song for a minute and all the dancers will dance to it.

• As the dancers need help, when the songs are changed from those suggested, we recommend that you edit the songs and include the "intro" to start the dance.

• There will be an MC and a "sound technician" to make it more spectacular.


Interested Deejays should request the pre-registration by email: georgerius@cities-in-line.com  and we will indicate the conditions of selection and participation.




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