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Duel of the Giants



On Saturday before luch, while serving an appetizer we will have the Duel of the Giants.

Great dancers  together on the dance floor, it  is a dream for many linedancers. Because it involves not only to enjoy watching the greatest of the greats, but also because it is very difficult to see such quality together on the dance floor.

The cash prize is only an aid, a scholarship from the Americana Dancing Hall of Fame to their training efforts that have developed over the years, and that in addition to the sweat and tears has cost them money.

We wish to recognize you your effort!


Our Giants will make the show on two songs of the soundtrack of Chicago


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“All that Jazz” See video clip


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“Cell Block Tango” See video clip

Our Giants


Lena Petit

Justine Chouquet

Amanda Rizzello






¡1000 Euros for the CHAMPION, 350 Euros for the 2nd & 150 Euros FOR THE 3rd!

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